My Current Social Media Plan – Part 9

My learnings from last week:

  1. Possible that account following grows faster when I do more lives, even if the lives seem pointless. (Maybe I should try going live EVERY DAY for 7 days . . . this week?)
  2. Short videos perform better for my account. I will try to do only 6-9 second videos this week. (Content doesn’t seem to matter. Just make sure the videos are 6-9 seconds). These videos get more plays and more likes.
  3. I need to post more TikTok stories. I will Google ideas for this (because I feel like it’s hard to know what to post on TIkTok because I want to post things that are similar to IG stories, but I know that’s not right. TikTok is different.)
  4. My first talking to camera video with NO music in the background did fairly well. I may try doing this again in the future with trending audio, at low volume, in the background.
  5. Hashtags that name the dance step may help the video get more reach (because they show up high in hashtag results with few videos)

How I am feeling with posting 3-4 times per day:

Overall, posting 3x per day, as long as I get the content created over 1-2 days per week (approximately 2-4 hours per week) is fine. However, with the times that seem to make my videos perform the best — early morning, before 6:00 am and evenings, between 6:00 pm and 10:00 pm — it gets hard to post because my evenings are often pretty busy. For example, if I’m watching a movie, after preparing and eating dinner, some of that will get interrupted if I need to post twice in one evening. I often post before bed, but, being completely honest, I often – very often – doze off while trying to edit and post a TikTok before bed. Sometimes they get posted and sometimes I’ll close out of the app and let myself go to sleep.

Updated account stats:

Morning of Monday, May 9, 2022:

  • 6,598 followers (I wish I was growing a bit faster, but steadily growing by approximately 50 likes per week isn’t terrible)
  • Following 5,215 (still trying to follow accounts that I actually like/want to see every day and unfollow the rest; currently only unfollowing accounts that aren’t following back or that have been banned)
  • 354 videos posted (and I plan to post 3 more today)

Afternoon of Tuesday, May 17, 2022:

  • 6,631 followers (lower than I’d like for account growth over a week, but still consistent with what it’s been for the past several weeks)
  • Following 4,795 (I was regularly unfollowing accounts that weren’t following back, but I haven’t unfollowed anyone in a few days now I believe)
  • 372 videos posted (I missed a few over the past week!)

Top 3 videos from the past week:

  1. “Repetition”
    • 1,417 plays + 61 likes
    • 6.06 seconds
    • Simple ballet exercise
    • Promotional: Only text is website at last 2 seconds of video
  2. “My money don’t jiggle jiggle.”
    • 1,378 plays + 44 likes
    • 10.14 seconds
    • 0 seconds
    • Freestyle pointe dance/moves
    • Inspirational: Reminding people to be proud of the things they create
  3. “Let Me Show You A Few Things”
    • 1,368 plays + 35 likes
    • 15.18 seconds
    • Simple ballet combination
    • Promotional: Only text is website at last 2 seconds of video

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