This is where I’ll post resources to support dancers who want to increase their confidence, creativity, and mental health. Come back soon for new updates!

Let’s Use Social Media for GOOD!

I’m on a mission to put good into the world through the content I create on social media. Being active on social media has helped me to improve my confidence, creativity, and mental health. Now, I want to help other dancers and creatives do the same! BUT FIRST: If you need help being consistent on social media and creating content for your personal brand or business with ease, sign up for Social Curator! Sign up using my personal link below and get $15 off the first month of your monthly subscription or $50 off your annual subscription!

Time Management Tips for Busy Dancers

We’re all working hard to balance dance, work, social media, and life these days, right?! In this resource, you’ll find a few simple tips for keeping it all together.

Tips for Improving Creativity

Creativity helps us to be more confident, solve problems more easily, to make more connections between different ideas, and to better understand the world around us. Want some tips on increasing your creativity? Download this freebie!

A Dancer’s Guide to Improving Your Mood

There are tons of research-based ways that can help us quickly get out of a funk! Want to know which ones I like best? Download this resource to find out!