My Current Social Media Plan – Part 7

Okay, I believe I’ve gone about a week since my last post (as I wanted to start posting less frequently than every other day and also, things get busy sometimes!).

Here are some FEELINGS and OBSERVATIONS about my first week of posting 4 times per day on my business TikTok account:

  • I feel extremely exhausted. (But I think this is much more related to all of the things I have going on OUTSIDE of my social media content creation, or even the things outside my business, honestly. Remember, I still have an *almost* full-time job currently!)
  • For the most part, I feel significantly less ATTACHED to the content, except for things that perform well or that I intrinsically like. For example, I did a simple piece of tap choreography and I didn’t expect it to do well because it ended up being about 24 seconds long, and my data shows that my videos that are between 6 and 15 seconds seem to perform the best. However, it reached over 1,000 views in a couple of hours, and that was really rewarding for me. I liked the choreography, and I enjoy the catchy song. I’ve watched that video several times, and I think it is going down in history as one of my current favorite TikTok videos.
  • I feel like posting 3 times per day really is better for my lifestyle. I wasn’t able to get my 4th video for yesterday (Saturday, 4/30/22) posted, and I feel SORT OF guilty about that. Also, I’m having trouble figuring out the best time of day to post the second video. It seems that the early morning posts (posted between 5:00 am and 7:00 am) typically do well and will get between 500 and 1,000 views within 6 hours, almost guaranteed at this point. I also read online and believe it to be true that one should leave at least 3 hours between posts for each video to perform well on the day it is posted. (I feel that 2 hours or 1 hour between videos is too short of a timespan and it’s almost as if it doesn’t register to the algorithm that you’ve posted more than once or something.) I feel that 2 videos posted in the evening (for example, one video at 6:30 pm and one video at 9:30 pm) is fine and both videos will do well. But it’s that SECOND video of the day that I can’t figure out. For a while (so that probably means for like 2 days, because we’re only on week 2 here!), I was posting one video early in the morning (before 7:00 am) and 3 videos in the evening. But it seemed that only 1 or 2 of the 3 videos performed well. So again, I’m considering going back to posting only 3x per day, but I think I’ll give it at least one more week of posting 4x per day first.
  • My voice over videos simply don’t perform well. I suppose some might be more trendy than others and will get a few likes, which will increase my views. But for the MOST PART, it seems that I can expect anywhere from 50 to 300 views on a voice over post on my account. Which, to me, suggests that it’s not really worth it to do those, unless I simply want to do them for complete fun and not at all to support the growth of my account.

Here are some updated stats:

Monday, April 18:

  • Following 7,785 accounts
  • 287 videos posted (and I plan to post another one this evening)

Morning of Sunday, May 1 (13 days later):

  • Following 6,295 accounts
  • 329 videos posted (and I plan to post 3 more today)

Based on the above numbers, it seems that I am growing at a rate of about 100 new followers per week and about 1,000 video likes per week. I’d like to reach 10,000 followers as soon as possible though, and definitely before the end of the year, so I do wish I could grow in my follower numbers a bit faster. (Perhaps this is a reason to keep posting 4x per day? Or perhaps I should try to do TikTok lives again.)

My best performing videos in the past 6 days:

  • “Love Yourself”
    • 4,767 views so far (posted 6 days ago) – I’m expecting this one to “go viral” (over 11.3k views, which is currently the views on my pinned video with the lowest views; my pinned video with the highest views has 43.6k plays so far)
    • 10.77 seconds
    • 7 comments, including my replies to comments
    • Simple tap dance combination, done R, L, R, L; last few seconds is me tapping after the music sound has stopped, but I keep the rhythm; no text on screen except website at end of video
    • SELLING: No text, just website
  • “Imagination – Life Is Your Creation”
    • 2,076 plays so far (posted 5 days ago)
    • 8.13 seconds
    • Tap dance riff exercise on Jet Setter dance board
    • INSPIRE: Inspirational text on screen for entrepreneurs and dreamers for about 5 seconds; website for about 1 second
  • “If You Gave Me A Chance . . . “
    • 1,783 plays so far (posted 1 day ago)
    • 23.4 seconds
    • 2 comments (including my reply to 1 comment)
    • Simple combination with about 4 different movements/sections
    • Text being added to the screen as the video continues, explaining all the places I’d like to be and then ending saying I’m having fun being on TikTok with YOU!
    • EMOTION (relatable): Kind of wanting to be somewhere else, but also being grateful for exactly where you are in life
  • “Confidence Boost”
    • 1,667 plays so far (posted 5 days ago)
    • 9.10 seconds
    • Simple tap movement/exercise repeated 4x
    • Text stays on screen about how my confidence has grown from posting on social media with website for last 1-2 seconds of video
    • INSPIRE: Perhaps inspiring others to dance and create in order to benefit with a boost of confidence as well?
  • “Dream on, dreamer.”
    • 1,357 plays so far (posted 2 days ago)
    • 15.14 seconds
    • 2 comments (including my reply)
    • Simple tap combination, with text being added to screen as video progresses
    • ENGAGEMENT: Ended relatable video with “Drop a STAR if you’re a fellow dreamer!” (and I got 1 comment with a STAR!)
  • “This is why I’m hot.”
    • 1,356 plays so far (posted 1 day ago)
    • 15.18 seconds)
    • Simple pointe warm-up exercise (echappes from 5th)
    • EDUCATE: Sharing an “about me” post with my audience, adding text as video progresses

More later!

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