My Current Social Media Plan – Part 5

I’m checking in on Sunday evening (April 24, 2022) to update some numbers.

Six days ago, on Monday, April 18, 2022, I reported the following numbers:

As of today, Monday, April 18, 2022, the Dance Daze Dance Boards TikTok account has/is:
– is following 7,785 accounts
– 287 videos posted (and I plan to post another one this evening)

UPDATE: Evening of Sunday, April 24, 2022:

– is following 7,141 accounts (I am working to unfollow accounts that are not following back)
– 303 videos posted (and I plan to post 2 more this evening; I missed posting 1 video yesterday, as I was social for approximately the third time in two years yesterday)

Yesterday morning, Saturday, April 23, 2022, I reported the following information; updated information is in bold:

Descriptions of My Videos That Have Done the BEST (over 1000 views) in the past 5 Days (Titles in quotations are the cover photo titles I used for the video):

  1. “Tips for Développé à la Seconde” (6 seconds)
    • Posted Wednesday, April 20, 2022 @ 10:34 pm
    • 1636 plays since posting – UPDATE 4/24/22: 1789 plays
    • Short ballet exercise
    • EDUCATE: Described 4 quick tips for improving this ballet movement; text flashed across screen for about 2 seconds; website also showed at end of video for about 1 second; no comments
  2. Woman Owned Business” (6.55 seconds)
    • Posted Thursday, April 21, 2022 @ 7:59 pm
    • 1451 plays since postingUPDATE 4/24/22: 1528 plays
    • Warming up in pointe shoes
    • ENGAGE: Used original sound from a female music artist/entrepreneur and text described that I was feeling good after a virtual meeting with my women business owner support group; text invited other women business owners to comment and follow in exchange for a follow-back; 11 total comments so far (including my replies to each comment)
  3. “Give Me New Tap Dance Steps to Try” (14.02 seconds)
    • Posted Monday, 4/18/22 @ 9:22 pm
    • 1200 plays since postingUPDATE 4/24/22: 1232 plays
    • Short, beginning tap exercise
    • ENGAGE: Text asked audience for recommendations of tap combinations to learn; no comments
  4. “10 Things” (13.21 seconds)
    • Posted Monday, 4/18/22 @ 7:32 pm
    • 1103 plays since postingUPDATE 4/24/22: 1113 plays
    • Short ballet exercise
    • 59 likes since posting
    • PROMOTE: No text except website for last second of video; no comments
  5. “Believe You Can” (10.72 seconds)
    • Posted Friday, 4/22/22 @ 8:37 pm (That’s last night! It’s now Saturday morning.)
    • 1082 plays since postingUPDATE 4/24/22: 1166 plays
    • Short tap combo
    • INSPIRE: Text on screen for entire video, encouraging others to believe in themselves; 6 comments so far (including my responses); I should note that this post got some spam/negative comments (which I reply to because I absolutely don’t care when rude, horrible, loser humans comment things like laughing faces on my inspirational posts – I LOVE engagement on my posts, that’s just my truth with regard to this matter – It’s only business, never personal!)

OBSERVATION: I have noticed that videos of me showing off a product (without dancing), with or without a lot of text and with a trending song do NOT do well for my TikTok account! Videos where I showcase the product AND do a trending dance do OKAY, but not enough for me to think that I should continue doing this. I think it is more important to show my products being used.

More later!

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