My Current Social Media Plan – Part 2

Yesterday, I shared that I’m working to grow my business, Dance Daze Dance Boards, by focusing specifically on the DDDB TikTok account.

I’ve developed a posting schedule, established some content pillars, and will be focusing on specific brand values over the next 45 days. Keep reading for more about what I plan to do over the next 44 days!

My Social Media Plan / Posting Schedule

  • Posting 3 – 4 times per day (I ideally would prefer to post 4 times per day; however, I am working on batch recording content over 2 week days, and I am balancing my batch recording with being in a doctoral program, working an *almost* full-time job, working as a freelancer for an educational technology company, managing the Dance Daze Dance Boards Brand Ambassador Program, being a partner, a dog mom, and a homemaker. I always like to add in the title of “homemaker,” because I do believe that my responsibilities in the home are different than others who do not have the role of homemaker or house manager of their home that is shared with a significant other or partner. For example, I am the primary person who is responsible for purchasing all groceries (including special groceries for our dogs), planning what meals we will eat each day of the week, scheduling meal delivery, balancing our household budget, scheduling all bill payments, ensuring that our dogs get medical care and daily/weekly exercise, managing our household calendar, scheduling shared social events, planning all vacations throughout the year and schedule dog care while we are on those vacations, ensuring weekly and monthly cleanings of each area of our house happens, and more. I think this is different than those who are working, running a small business, in school and who are not responsible for those sorts of tasks inside of their home.)
  • Posting once in the morning (between 5:00 am and 6:30 am); once in the late afternoon (between 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm); once in the evening (between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm) – I have noticed that my TikTok posts (different from my Instagram posts, I should note) tend to do much better in the evenings, when posted once per day after 6:00 pm. I prefer to get all of my social media posts done early in the day; however, since I am focusing on growing my account, not on what works best for me and my desires, I will be spreading out posts to see if I can grow to getting a general engagement with multiple daily posts that are spread throughout the day
  • Posting Intention: To increase my KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST factor; I will be doing this by ensuring that each post either EDUCATES, ENTERTAINS, ENGAGES, or generates an EMOTIONAL RESPONSE from my audience. Regarding education, I will be focusing on providing dance education tips (specifically in the areas of classical ballet technique and tap dance, which I am qualified to provide education in because of my over 10 years of pre-professional ballet training, 10 years of competition tap dance participation, American Ballet Theatre Teacher Certification, and over 10 years of running my own dance education organization and seeking out continued dance education over that time). Engagement will involve me asking for audience participation in terms of “calls to action” or simply by asking for questions or comments in my video text. I will focus on entertaining by participating in voice over trends or with using trending audio. Finally, I hope to generate an emotional response by sharing my brand story, selected details of my personality, etc.
  • I did a quick, very basic audit of my existing videos and looked at the top 10 videos, meaning the videos that had the most views. From this I noticed that, of all of the 286 videos I had at that time, the ones that always, ALWAYS performed the best focused on my feet/legs and the dance board, may or may not have had text, used trending audience, and was short (often 15 seconds or less). Therefore, I will be working to create similar videos with all of the 135 – 180 videos I intend to post over the next 44 days.

More coming soon! Questions? Leave them in the comments, and I’ll plan to answer in an upcoming post.

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