Currently vibing to: These feelings of gratitude.

Recently, I’m feeling extremely grateful for the following.

I’m grateful for full hours and, often, entire days to think, dream, dance, feel, and to be.

I’m grateful for interests and activities that feed my mind and heart. They also give me a purpose for getting out of bed every day and inspire me to dream my wildest dreams.

I’m thankful for a warm home (because I always have the heat on . . . and I’m grateful that I can afford to live that way), filled with all of the essential oils, soy-based candles, and individual bags of Angie’s Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn that I want.

I’m grateful to have the best, most rambunctious, most loving dogs in the world and to be able to spoil them rotten, including paying for them to have quality food and health care.

I’m grateful to be creating the life of my dreams. I’m highly aware lately how every situation in my life is entirely a choice. I am choosing to live where I live. I am choosing to have the partner and pets that I have. I am choosing to work part-time while focusing most of my time on building a full-time e-commerce business using organic marketing on social media. It’s all a choice. And I feel so insanely grateful to have the privilege to have these choices and to make the choices that I do.

What are you feeling gratitude for lately?

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