Hello again, old friend.

This wasn’t planned. This isn’t a “new year, new me” sort of thing. I’ve simply had the urge to begin writing (blogging) again. I don’t want it to be anything super planned or curated. I’m envisioning that this will be more like what I had hoped my podcast would be – sort of raw and real, as they say, but nothing too personal because, HELLO, we’re on the Internet!

I want to have fun. I want to explore. I want to play.

And, oh yes, I do plan to talk a little bit about e-commerce, entrepreneurship, and dance somewhere in the mix. I’m just not committing to it.

If you’ve ever been part of my writing/internet/entrepreneurship journey, you may have an idea of what to expect. If not, you’re still invited to join along for the ride! In either case, thanks for being here. You’re the best.

More later!


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